Beauty Revived is a movement that celebrates women with real beauty. Photographers donate sessions to these women and their stories are featured in their magazine and website:  Beauty Revived was started four ago as a way for photographers to use their lens for good and shine light on the real beauty that was happening in our communities. In the last year and a half, more than 800 women, girls and children have been featured on their website and magazine.

I am thrilled to be among 55 photographers around the country (and a few abroad!) who were chosen to photograph a deserving mother in 2018!

I believe that every person deserves beautiful images of themselves. I believe mothers especially deserve gorgeous photos of themselves–too often moms are so busy juggling everything for everyone else that their own self-care ends up at the bottom of the priority list. Moms are a vital part of families and communities, and they deserve to be recognized for all that they do! And so many, too many, mothers work so hard every single day for so many others, and their hard work goes unnoticed or unappreciated. They are unsung heroes who make the world a better place.

This month I’m looking for a special mom in the Portland metro area who inspires others and who makes her community a better place! She’ll be pampered with a special photo shoot with me later in March, and her photos and story will be published in a national magazine later this spring.

Know a mother who deserves to be recognized? Nominate her in the form below!

Nominations will be open from March 7 through March 16, 2018. 

(If you have any issues with the form, you can email me directly at