What’s better than twins? Twins having a birthday, of course! Quinn and Vera turned one year old, and there was a party, full of fun for all. Yes, even for the grown-ups–just wait. 🙂

Amber & Ben hosted the twins’ first birthday party at their apartment building, and family and friends were there to love on Quinn and Vera (including Amber’s grandmother from Colorado! It was so special to take a photo of her with her great-grandchildren).

We took a few minutes for family photos right on the little lawn outside. Look at those big happy smiles from everyone! Aren’t they such a lovely and sweet family?

Twins First Birthday Party_0003Twins First Birthday Party_0004Twins First Birthday Party_0005Twins First Birthday Party_0007DSC_5281-Edit-8_WEBDSC_5238-Edit-6_WEBTwins First Birthday Party_0001Quinn and Vera love music, and reading, and Mexican food, so their theme was a Mexican fiesta! There were tiny maracas, and I love that the balloon sign says, “UNO” instead of ONE. 🙂 Pictures and photo books of the babies were on display, as a happy reminder of the work and joy that comes with the first year of babies.

There were some toys and a water table available for the kids to play with, and other activities included pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata. There were two pinatas, actually–one for the kids filled with candy, and one for the grown-ups.  I asked someone what was in that one, and they said, tequila. I thought they were joking… but nope–actual tiny bottles of booze! And take a look at Great-Grandma smashing the legs off one of the pinata!

After the games, it was time for the cake smash. Woohoo! Amber made each baby a sign, and their own cake. You can see that Quinn was *very* excited to see his treat, and he partook of some of Vera’s too. It took them both a couple minutes to figure out what the deal was with the cake, but soon enough they were quite happy to dig in.

As you can see, this was a fun and fabulous session, and I loved the whole thing. 🙂


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