I had the chance to photograph several Messy Madness sessions last year. (I’ve selected just a few of my favorites here!) They are so much fun.

Messy Madness Photography_0031

So here’s the gist of how Messy Madness goes: you have a bunch of adorable babies, get them down to just diapers, and let them loose to play with paint and shaving cream (all non-toxic, of course). It’s an amazing sensory experience for them–and for the parents too. Yes, the parents end up getting messy too, it’s a whole family affair. 🙂

Messy Madness Photography_0082

I *love* seeing the kids explore and have fun at these sessions. At least one kid always eats the paint or licks the brushes, and at least one attempts to camouflage themselves by covering their entire body in paint and/or shaving cream. Often one will try to wear a paint bowl as a hat too. Some babies like painting with the brushes, some use the different toys to paint, and some just go for it, smearing and swirling their hands all up in the paint.

Messy Madness Photography_0042

Seriously. So much fun, and so, so adorable. Messy Madness Photography_0028

Messy Madness Photography_0030Messy Madness Photography_0095Messy Madness Photography_0056Messy Madness Photography_0090

Messy Madness Photography_0087