One of the first things I learned at Emi & Ryan’s newborn session is that baby Cedric was born into a very crafty family: Emi knitted this beautiful golden yellow sweater and matching booties for him, and I believe she made her own top as well. Her mom made the airplane quilt and another one too. I wonder what hobbies he will learn first!

This family has two awesome dogs too! Nova is the smaller one, and she’s very curious and active. Quazar seems a little more mellow, which is probably good, because he looks like a small bear! He is huge and fluffy–I’ve literally never seen a dog like him before–but he’s really sweet. They said that they never get good photos of either dog, and so I was happy that I captured nice portraits of both of them. Also, I loved the color and style of their house–they have this gorgeous aqua accent wall in their living room, and chartreuse armchairs, and huge windows that let in tons of light. You know I loved that. 🙂

Cute blue-eyed babyNewborn laying on handmade quilt

Cedric was born at almost nine pounds and was growing quickly–he had already outgrown one pair of baby socks Emi made, and the yellow booties were already almost too small. He was a week and a half old for our session, and he was so alert! It sounded like that was generally his personality–he didn’t love sleeping for long stretches, and he was always looking at the world around him.  Now, while this makes for some very tired new parents, it meant that I got to capture those big blue eyes, and see him interact a bit. (And spoiler alert–when I visited them again to deliver their prints, he had started sleeping for nice, long stretches overnight! I was so happy for them to hear that. :D)

Anyway, after we got some awake photos, I pulled out my phone and started the trusty shusher app. (I like being prepared for sessions with kids of all ages!) Friends, this is for real magic. It lulled Cedric to sleep calmly, and it totally mellowed the dogs too.

Mother snuggling newborn sonDad nose-to-nose with babyHappy parents with newbornSmiling mom with newborn portrait

portrait of two dogs

What a fun family. 🙂 Thank you again, Emi, Ryan and Cedric!

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