You may remember Rebecca, Kevin, and little Owen from their adorable family maternity session — I was thrilled to photograph them with their new baby girl!

family portrait with toddler and newbornThis Southeast Portland Lifestyle Newborn Photography was just as fun and low-key as their other session. (And colorful! I love how Becca’s hair highlight matches her sweater!) Becca and Kevin are great parents, and it was so sweet to see them happily cuddling their new baby Katelyn. Owen was very excited to be a big brother, and loved looking at baby Kate, kissing baby Kate, and talking about baby Kate. (While we were doing our ordering session after this, Owen was watching a cartoon off to the side, and he kept glancing over and exclaiming, “That’s Baby Kate!”) I love his big, warm, slightly silly personality! He also loved being able to play with his own toys during the session–I loved getting to catch him in his own environment! Such a perfect advantage to an in-home session like this.

mother with newborn baby girlKatelyn was pretty much the perfect baby for our session. Calm, quiet, observant. She loved being cuddled by her parents, and she enjoyed looking around too. We did some special photos with the dress and quilt that were handmade just for her (by mama and grandma, respectively). Becca is an artist and told me about a project she was working on about new motherhood, combining drawings and words. She showed me a couple samples and they were truly moving. At that point, she was waiting until baby Kate would be a little older to allow more time to focus on her art. family with new babyparents with new babymom holding newborn baby's handsfather's hands holding baby's feetawake newborn babynewborn smilingSoutheast Portland Lifestyle Newborn Photography_0009

dad holding newborn baby girl

newborn baby happy smile

mother holding newborn baby girl

toddler boy playing toy guitar

toddler boy plays with carsbig brother kissing baby sisterI truly enjoyed getting to know this family–I met with them five times over the course of about two months and two sessions, and every time they were just so friendly and funny and down to earth. It was actually a bit sad knowing that I was out of ‘excuses’ to see their family for the summer. Building relationships with people and families is one of the best parts of my job!

If you have, or are about to have, a new baby and would love a low-key session at home, give me a call. I’d love to photograph your new addition and growing family in those beautiful early days!