happy family portrait A little more than a year since I last saw them, I was thrilled to photograph this family again! Remember in our previous session, Robbie was only six months old, and had no hair. Now, for our Wilsonville family photography session this year, he is 15 months old, has plenty of hair (with a sweet little cowlick in the back), and is running all over the place!

Smiling toddler boy

Father and young sonThis session was in a special location for this family. They had just been in the process of buying a brand-new house in a brand-new subdivision in Wilsonville. (They saw the house and closed on it within one month!!) I got a quick tour of the house–it was big and bright but not quite done yet; they were getting ready to move in a couple weeks. The session was at a little neighborhood park a few streets over from their soon-to-be-new-home. It has a playground, some picnic tables, a lawn, and a little wooded path. Robbie loved walking on the path, playing chase, looking around at the scenery, and playing with mom and dad. It was so much fun to follow him around to capture sweet moments like these!

Father playing with his sonWilsonville Family Photography_0023Wilsonville Family Photography_0022What I loved about this session and place and time, was that it was a new beginning. I found myself thinking about how the family is going to settle in to this new area, and make new friends, and it will feel like their home. Robbie will roam these streets by tricycle and then bicycle. He will spent countless hours on the swingset and slides and monkey bars. Maybe the family will have picnics on the grass. It feels like there are so many wonderful memories yet to come for this family right now, and it felt really profound to capture the very start of this new era.

Adorable family portraitPlus Beth and John are just friendly, great people, and Robbie is adorable. It’s a win-win. 🙂 And I’m so thrilled for them with their new house!

Mother kisses her toddler sonIf your family is ready to celebrate a new era, or just a cute new age, I would love to work with you!