I am now Julie the Photographer!

I began my business in 2009 as Traveling Julie Photography and mainly photographed families (Here’s a post that explains that name.). In 2015, I added a new branch of the business to focus on headshots, then last year I re-launched that with a new brand name, PDX Business Photos. It’s always been a bit confusing for other people, and it’s been tough for me to figure out marketing and social media with two brands. I have a hard enough time with doing one! So it’s past time to bring everything back together under one umbrella!

A couple years ago, while at networking events, I began writing Julie the Photographer on my nametags, since it was easier and faster than writing my long business name. A couple months ago, I had a lightbulb moment–duh, why not make that my business? So I bought the domain and began the arduous process of setting everything up and gearing myself up for a big change.

The name is a little unusual, for sure. But I actually like that; I hate being normal! 🙂 Plus it’s very straightforward; Traveling Julie Photography usually made people think about travel photos. (Which–I am a portrait photographer, and have no eye for landscapes.) It’s less whimsical too, which after 12 years, is a good thing. I’ve matured in my photography career–I do more, I’ve gotten so much better, and I know what I like. (And I know that I can’t narrow down anymore.)

Julie the Photographer will now encompass everything that I do with my camera. I’m ready to finally embrace that I’m not just one thing. I’m a portrait photographer: I do business and headshot photography, AND family photography, AND creative photography, AND personal photography projects.

I’m definitely nervous to make this big change! But I’m excited too, to begin a new phase. Julie the Photographer *is* who I am, after all! Now it’s official too.

PS….but I’m keeping the same email address. Get in touch with any questions, comments, or funny stories: julie at travelingjulie dot com