Utata is a photography group. It was the first one I joined on flickr, back in 2005 or so. They host projects constantly–Iron Photographer, Thursday Walk, Weekend Project. A few years ago, they started a Big Project. I was too intimidated to attempt any previous Big Projects, sadly. This summer the project is Color Story, where you choose a color and create a series of photographs around it.

When the hurricane was approaching, I had the idea to go up on my roof theĀ  day before, the day of, and the day after, with my green umbrella as a common thread. Framing and processing are all a little different. Then I decided that I could easily do a night photo and a morning photo. Et voila, my green color story!

Green color story series: Where is the rain?

Green color story: big storm in the city

Green color story: strong windGreen color story: night clearing

Green color story: AftermathThis week I went to Florida for work, and took two bonus photos:

Green color story bonus: on the beach

Green color story bonus: lonely umbrella