Beautiful family photo on bridgeJenn & Raghavan moved to Portland last year, from Colorado, along with their baby Rishi. They’ve been busy raising a baby, enjoying the foodie culture of Portland, and exploring town. I met with them on a weekend morning at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden for our mini-session. The garden is open for free in the off season, which is after Labor Day and through February. It’s a gorgeous location, full of gorgeous greenery all year round.

Smiling baby on bridgeThis was their first family photo session! I am always so thrilled to provide that for a family, and I hope that it builds a habit of getting everyone together in front of the camera. Raghavan is a budding photographer, especially interested in nature. But no matter your experience or equipment, it’s tough to capture the whole family being together, being themselves. They wanted a more candid session, rather than all posed. I thought that was great, especially because with an infant, there’s really no such thing as posing–everything has to be pretty candid, since baby is the boss! 🙂 So we wandered the garden just a bit–starting at that beautiful wooden bridge at the entrance, and then moving to the ponds and waterfall areas.

Crystal-Springs-Baby-Photography_0013Rishi was 7 months old at our session, not quite crawling yet but able to stand when holding on to something (and he started crawling a bit within a couple weeks after our session!). What a fun age to capture–his face was full of emotion as he looked at the new environment in wonder, and laughed with his parents, and smiled at the toys I waved from behind the camera. Does he not have the cutest face, with those big squishy cheeks??! I couldn’t get enough of those grins.  And those little chubby hands, which grabbed onto leaves and splashed in the little waterfall. Just too cute!!

Adorable baby portraitPortland Family PortraitMom kissing babyMother holding babyDad holding babyFamily photo at Crystal SpringsSmiling happy couple portrait on bridgeFun family photo with babyThank you so much, Jenn & Raghavan–what fun to photograph your beautiful family!

If you have a baby who’s starting to crawl, let’s take some photos! Contact me and tell me your favorite space to explore, and we’ll create a perfect session for you and your family.