Child portraitsIn June, I had the pleasure of photographing Renell and her family. I met them through a local meetup group, and we had a good adventure traipsing around the oasis that is the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. Such a beautiful place to be and to photograph: there is a large pond, some meandering trails (bordered of course by lots of plants like rhododendrons!), a large lake, two bridges, some lawn space, and more!

Mother and children

The first part of our adventure involved following the ducks and geese at the pond and trying to feed them. The fowl were very grateful and excited for the attention! One large goose in particular was quite forward in demanding snacks. Eep!


Thankfully, there were lots of fun moments with these cute children: Mackenzie, who is five, and Maverick, who is three. Of course, at first they were a little hesitant about pictures and unfamiliar me with my big camera…but they soon relaxed and got distracted by the scenery and waterfowl, so I was able to capture some very sweet moments of them individually, together, and as a family. Like this daddy-daughter hug–could you just die? So adorable.

Father and daughter hug portrait

And the twirling! What little girl doesn’t love a good twirly dress?! I have to say, I was a little envious of this flowy gown; I’m no stranger to a good twirl myself. 🙂 Little girl twirling portrait

Of course Daddy and son had a good time together too!

Father and son

Now, as young siblings, they weren’t exactly walking around arm in arm; we did have to ask them to pose together.

Brother and sister portrait

I really love this one–it cracks me up. So much personality and hilarity. Can’t you just see them re-enacting this photo in about twenty years, with many giggles? Love it.

Reluctant Brother and Sister Portrait

Father and son portraitFather and daughter portraitRhododendron Garden Family Portrait

This might be one of my all-time favorite family portraits. It’s totally different, and it’s so completely, utterly filled with love. A capture like this is priceless! Candid Family Portrait

Thank you so much, Renell and Family, for the great session!