Death, life, nature. How do they interact and intersect? What happens after ‘life’ is over? How much a part of nature are we humans? Flowers are lovely, and their blooms and scents are enjoyed by many. Once the petals begin to wither, droop, and drop, however, the flowers’ journey is over and they are discarded.  Lately I have been drawn to these so-called dead items;  I’m intrigued by the different shapes of different flowers, and the new geometry or designs they can create even after their ‘life’ is over. Taken individually or together, I’m playing with their shapes and appearance.  Additionally, for several years now, I’ve been drawn to nature physically. I find myself (or asking my subjects to) literally getting into trees, foliage, bushes, grasses. This project combines these two impulses-connecting physically to flowers and flower petals past their prime. I’m exploring the bodily intersection of human and floral nature.