Grandma Jean, from West Virginia, was visiting her two grown sons in Portland, and one of her daughters-in-law realized it would be a perfect time to do some family photos. Both sons’ families moved out here about two years ago and this summer, Jean spent a whole two weeks exploring town and spending quality time with everyone.

We met in Tanner Springs Park to begin our session, because there’s some nature and also that industrial railroad-tie wall, and then we walked around the neighborhood to take advantage of the urban feel (in contrast to the more rural West Virginia, where the family originated). It was one of those really hot days earlier this summer, so we definitely didn’t stay out in the direct sun for long! Thankfully there are lots of interesting places to see nearby. There’s that fabulously bright-yellow Marriott hotel which also has a lovely courtyard, so we took some photos there. And we also walked toward Union Station to see the iron Broadway Bridge in the background. It was a very Portland session for this wonderful extended family!

This group of people was so much fun–they have so much personality, and love and warmth. They all hang out together every week, just enjoying each other’s company. I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with them, and laughing. You can see here how much fun these folks have every day, especially little four-year-old Zander! He is funny, and loving, and he is so loved by all of these grown-ups. Grandma and Zander especially have a beautiful connection, and spent a lot of time cuddling and playing together during our session. It warmed my heart. 🙂 It felt even more special to capture that connection in photos, so they can re-live all those snuggles even when they’re separated by geography.

Adorable aunt and uncle with nephewFamily portrait with Portland's Broadway Bridge



Funny little boy portraitAdorable little boy portrait

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