The first thing I learned about Mark was that he loves the beach–it was in his email address! His family went to the coast a lot when he was young, and it’s his favorite place. It wasn’t the right season to do our headshot session at the coast, though. Maybe next time. 🙂

Mark was looking for some quality photos for online use–he realized that he didn’t have any really nice images of himself. And that’s just what I specialize in capturing! So we met in Northwest Portland and walked around. We had a nice time chatting–he is a lifelong learner. He told me about attending the Creative Mornings series, which sound so fascinating. There’s so much great texture and color in that area of town too, which made for a lovely variety of images!

Male headshot in downtown PortlandPortrait of smiling portraitPortrait of man in Portland

Thank you, Mark! It was great working with you!

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