I had some visions for playing in the nearby wooded park with light and dark, and realized that since my mom was coming for a visit, I could use her as a model. She teaches/does yoga, so I figured that would be a great way to use and show the light the way I wanted, and as a bonus, her strength would really pop out of the images!

We went up around 8, before the sun had finished setting. I manipulated my camera settings to make it appear nice and dark, and then set up the umbrella and flash to make a spotlight on her. Here’s a slightly blurry iPhone shot of the scene and setup:


I purposely asked her to wear all black, tight-fitting clothes, so that her body (and muscles!) would be the focus of the images. We did some different poses and I just love how they turned out. Seriously, I was so psyched that they came out so awesomely dramatic!



Thanks, Mom, for modeling for me!

If you’re interested in a photo shoot with a unique vision, I’d love to hear from you!