Another excellent family photo session! Kolleen and Dave are such friendly, warm people, and their sons are a lot of fun too. As always, I had a fantastic time hanging out and capturing great moments with them.

We met on the Eastside Esplanade of Portland’s waterfront for our family session. We got lucky with the weather: the day before was absolutely gorgeous, but the morning of the session day, it rained. Happily, by the time we met up, the sky was clearing and it was beautiful! It was also a great place for the session because the two boys could be really physical: space to run; rocks and benches to jump and climb on; things to explore. Lots of interesting artwork to see too; in fact, the Ghost Ship piece by one of the bridges is one of their favorites. We used a couple other large-scale artworks as backdrops and ‘props’ too. And an even more special place in the park is the tree that Dave and Kolleen got engaged! Of course we took a lovely couple photo there to commemorate it. Altogether, the Esplanade made for a wonderful session location.

Laughing brothers portrait

Nolan was 7 and 11/12ths for our shoot. He’s in second grade and loves math, and he has awesome energy! He loved running down the pathways and finding places to climb and jump. Little brother Sam is four, and he is also an energetic little one. He followed in Nolan’s footsteps with the climbing and running, at one point literally running in circles around me. He’s also a big old cuddlebug, though–and I love that we captured some photos of him snuggling with both mom and dad.

Laughing father and son portraitMother and son piggyback portraitMother and son portraitHappy brothersHappy brothers portraitSmiling couple portraitFather and son portraitFather and sons portraitMother and sons portraitSmiling family portrait

Thank you so much to this family!

If you’re ready to explore a fun location like this for photos with your family, contact me to book your session!