Edgefield Family Photography: Michelle & Garrett

This Edgefield family photography session combined my favorite things: a beautiful family; adorable small children; beautiful and varied scenery.

Have you been out to Edgefield? It’s one of the McMenamin’s properties, east of Portland. It’s got a fascinating history and what they’ve created there is also fascinating. There’s a beer brewery, a spirits distillery, a glass blower, a spa, a handful of teeny tiny bars, a garden, a vineyard, a golf course, and probably more that I don’t even know about.

family portrait at edgefield

Garrett and Michelle and their two boys, Gavin and Mason, met me at the hotel. This family is really busy, like so many of us are, and so even though it was tough to schedule our session in the fall, it was so worth it. 🙂 This was their first family photography session! I was thrilled to get to know them and capture such beautiful moments of them all together.

The warm afternoon light was lovely, and we spent a few minutes hanging out on the hotel’s covered porch. I don’t remember if the boys were shy at first, but we quickly got to know each other. I think there was talk of monsters, and there was definitely some tickling (or some threats of tickles, which is even better). These kids have such big happy smiles!

family portrait on porch benchGavin is four, and Mason is two. As you can see, these brothers have a great bond together. They were full of spirit and I loved seeing them play. From the porch, we began to wander. The property is quite large, and there are a number of areas and vistas to see, as I mentioned above. Which is perfect for small kiddos, who don’t love standing in one place for too long! We had space to run and explore and laugh. The parents provided some snacks while we walked and talked between spots, too. It was getting to be close to dinnertime, so we wanted to make sure nobody was getting hangry. 🙂

brothers on a rocking chairadorable 4 year old portrait2 year old laughing4 year old holding parents' handsmother and sonsadorable 2 year old portraitfather and sonsbeautiful couple portraitfun family photographThank you so much, Garrett and Michelle!

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