I had a vision early in 2021 about a woman in a curtain of flowers. Now, sometimes I let my visions just kind of stay there in my head, but I’ve been trying to make them happen in real life more often. So I reached out to my brilliant florist friend Alana of Flowers by Alana. First I asked if she’d help me with the flower curtain part, and she enthusiastically agreed. And then I asked how she’d feel about modeling for it too…and that it would involve not wearing clothes (but not exposing anything). And she agreed to that too!

We made the shoot happen in March. I rented the Oh Creative studio, and hired Jena from Magix in the Makeup to do beautiful natural-look makeup. It was quite a task to corral all of the flowers! We had lots of strands and making them look like a curtain was…not easy. But once we got it all together and got Alana in place and I took the first test photo, I was so thrilled, because my vision was coming to life right in front of me! I absolutely love love love the images. We did a few other floral concepts too, which was a ton of fun to just play around.

floral portrait