Family portrait at Draper Girls apple orchardI am so excited to share this session! It was basically perfect and amazing. This was my third shoot with Erin & Bryan’s wonderful family–the first was a year prior at the Arboretum, and then the second was Avery’s newborn session at their home. For this fall session, they wanted to take advantage of one of my favorite Portland activities–picking fresh fruit at an orchard! We decided on Draper Girls Country Farm out near Hood River. I’d been a few times with my family, but Erin and Bryan hadn’t been here before. It was especially perfect because Draper is also their last name. 🙂

Our apple orchard family photography session was on the very last day of the u-pick season for the year, and it was gray and overcast. So there weren’t many other people, but there were still plenty of apples. Itt was fantastic to wander and enjoy ourselves  in the scenery, which was beautiful even without being able to see Mt Hood in the background.

Nora, who was almost three, was really intrigued and excited about the prospect of picking apples. She dutifully carried the bucket (which was nearly as big as she was), and was psyched to sit on Bryan’s shoulders to reach the apples on higher branches. The best part, though, was eating the apples. She was very serious about that part, and it was hilarious and adorable.

Little Avery was no longer a tiny newborn, was now almost 7 months old. She was so happy and easy-going and calm, and she seemed to love taking in the new scenery. She even sampled an apple, with Nora’s big-sisterly-assistance. Later in the session, it started to drizzle. None of the family members cared even a little bit, not even Avery when she had some raindrops on her face. They were having a blast, and so was I. Nora was especially excited to stomp in some puddles with her awesome pink boots as we left the orchard, and I couldn’t blame her. It was some awesome stomping.

So yeah, this was a most excellent day. 🙂 <3

Father and daughter in the apple orchardToddler picking apples on dad's shouldersAdorable girl blowing dandelionshappy mother and baby at orchardlittle girl happily eating an applebig sister feeding baby sister an appleclose-up portrait of toddler girlPortrait of sisters in an apple orchardApple Orchard Family Photography_0010See why I love these people? SO much fun, so much love and connection. This apple orchard family photography session was perfect.

There are tons of u-pick farms around Portland, with all kinds of delicious fresh fruit/flowers/veggies. I would love to photograph your family at a u-pick farm this year! Give me a call and we’ll schedule a fun session just for you.