This family is small, but mighty. Lots and lots of personality–which makes for such a fun session!  I met up with the K family in this fabulous gem of park. It’s nestled within a neighborhood, and boasts a lovely forested section, as well as a pond and some grassy fields. I hadn’t been there before, but you know I want to go back! Is there anything better than light streaming through a forest canopy? Especially when it’s a warm day and nice and cool under the trees.

The family’s interactions were genuine and full of warmth, and radiated a lovely connection. I have to say that I love that they were willing to go along with my idea to use that amazing old tree as a ‘prop’ for a few photos!

mom, dad, daughter walking together

family embraces

family portrait with a large tree

family photo near large tree

smiling family photo backlit

happy family photo