Linnea reached out to me because she was looking for family photos–specifically of her and her son, Willy. She is actually a photographer herself–she uses black and white film and produces amazing work. However, they hadn’t done family portraits of themselves. (This seems kind of common among photographers–we’re so ingrained taking photos of our own families that we don’t always get in front of the camera!) Photographing another photographer is the ultimate honor–I was so thrilled to work with them and capture some beautiful images of this family together! My favorite part is the gaze from the parents at their son–you can see how much they treasure him (and each other too!).

Natural lifestyle family portrait by Traveling Julie Photograph

We met at Gabriel Park in SW Portland, which is a sprawling park that includes several fields, tennis courts, grassy hills, pockets of trees, and a playground.  Willy is 2 and a half, and loves dinosaurs, Thomas the Train, and his stuffed lion friend, as you can see here. He was full of energy–he loves to race!–but he was also thoughtful, and giddy. I really enjoyed watching him having fun.

Fun little boy portrait by Traveling Julie Photography

Look at this beautiful connection these two have! Isn’t it beautiful?

Smiling couple portrait in park by Traveling Julie PhotographyFamily portrait in park by Traveling Julie Photography

Then I pulled out some bubbles. Oh boy–so much unbridled joy! I couldn’t help laughing along as I photographed; it was so fun to watch him have a grand time chasing after the bubbles! Happy boy running by Traveling Julie PhotographyPortland-Family-Photography-07

Happy boy bubble portrait by Traveling Julie PhotographyAnd we did a few minutes of each parent with Willy–I’ve said before that these are some of my favorites to shoot. I think Willy will be so happy to have these images of him with his parents! They purchased a collage, with several of these photos, for Willy’s room, so that he can see and enjoy these even as a toddler. I love that! Father and son portrait by Traveling Julie Photography

And sweet images of mama and son. 🙂 🙂

Mother and son portrait by Traveling Julie PhotographyFather and son portrait by Traveling Julie Photography

Mother and son portrait by Traveling Julie PhotographyThank you again for a wonderful session! What a great family.

If you’re interested in scheduling a family photo session, please contact me!