Lydia & Joe celebrated their 5 year anniversary and their son Greyson’s first birthday last summer! It was a perfect time to have their first family photo session. They’ve got a ton going on, but they know how important it is to capture all of them together. I so enjoyed this session with this beautiful family!mom hugging child garden family photography

They have friends who own a private nursery/arboretum with beautiful, expansive grounds, out in Boring, east of Portland. So we were able to go there for our session–how perfect is that?! It was a warm morning and it was lovely to be outside enjoying the fresh air, the quiet, and the scenery.

Greyson is such a cutie. Those big brown eyes! He had that new-walker waddle, which is too cute for words. He wasn’t too sure about all the new things at first; A new place and a new person close by with a camera had him a little wary. But no worries! There was no rush and no pressure for him to act a certain way. Small kids don’t sit and smile for the camera–they make faces, they move really fast, and their moods change often. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! It *all* makes for great photos. I loved playing with Greyson and watching his parents play with him and snuggle him. Sometimes I took a backseat and sometimes I brought out my Bag of Toys to play with him. 🙂

We wandered around some of the grassy areas for awhile, playing with balls and such. I also broke out the bubbles, which were a big hit. Later on, Greyson needed a snack (or two), so we headed for the covered picnic area. The food rejuvenated him (especially some bits of bagel), and he began a game of chase with us. Chasing kiddos is *always* fun; everyone ends up happy. 🙂Garden garden family photography portraitadorable toddler boy portraitgarden family photography portrait

Garden Family Photography_0005Garden Family Photography_0007Garden Family Photography_0008Garden Family Photography_0009Garden Family Photography_0010Garden Family Photography_0011Garden Family Photography_0001Thank you so much, Lydia and Joe! This garden family photography session was so much fun.

Even if you don’t have a private arboretum at your disposal, we will create a beautiful session that is perfect for you and your family. I’d love to play a game of chase with your little ones! Give me a call to schedule your session this spring. 🙂