Imagine my thrill went Emi let me know that they were expecting their second baby! You may remember that I photographed their family when their son Cedric was born last year. So hurray for more babies! Emi wanted to do a combined gender reveal family photography session. I thought this was a grand idea! She scheduled the session for the same day as their ultrasound, because she knew she wouldn’t be able to wait even an extra day to find out the news. 🙂Gender reveal family photography pink umbrellaThis was a fun concept that I hadn’t seen before: Emi decided to do an umbrella reveal. She ordered two black umbrellas that had a blue or pink interior. She brought them to the ultrasound and had her mom find out the baby’s gender, and select the right umbrella. Then when it was time at our session, they opened the umbrella! Isn’t that creative?

Gender Reveal Family Photography_0014Gender Reveal Family Photography_0008It ended up being an unexpectedly long day for the family, as the ultrasound took much longer than expected. Thankfully they had lots of snacks, as well as Grandma to help entertain Cedric for a few hours. Our session was at Laurelhurst Park on beautiful summer day. The light was divine, and it was warm but not too hot. We set up among the trees for the big reveal–PINK!–and then roamed around a few of of the many picturesque spots. Cedric was understandably having a hard time after such a big day, but he did great, and we got some amazing smiles from him. Hugs from mom and dad always help with that. 🙂

Gender Reveal Family Photography_0007Gender Reveal Family Photography_0006Emi brought some baby booties that she had just finished knitting–she made some for Cedric before he was born too. They were a nice complement to her lovely purple dress!

Maternity photo pink umbrella baby shoesHappy couple pregnancy portrait

Gender Reveal Family Photography_0011Gender Reveal Family Photography_0012Gender Reveal Family Photography_0013Thank you Emi and Ryan–what a pleasure to work with your beautiful, growing family!


What are your fun gender reveal photography ideas? I’d love to work with your family!