Check out this lovely family!

portland family portrait

Brittney and Dave wanted to do a family session with their daughter Hannah, for her six month birthday. It was also a special occasion to have all three of them together–both parents work full time and overlapping days, so they don’t get many days all together. It was an honor to be with them for this session!

As you can see, Hannah is perfectly adorable, with those fantastic cheeks and sparkling eyes! And she had just learned to sit up, so what perfect timing! It’s always fun for portraits to have babies sit up and look cute while they look around at their parents with a smile. She did really well at the session, too. She seemed to have a good time watching us and the scenery, and also playing with mom’s necklace. 🙂 She had a snack partway through the session, and got a bit sleepy near the end. She rallied, though, and we got some great photos of her, and of the family!

baby girl smiling portrait

We met at Roodbridge Park in Hillsboro, which was a wonderful location for a photo session. The park sprawls over a few fields of beautiful grass, and there are trails that wind around the hills and into a forested area. There’s even a fish pond and little babbling brook! On the other side of the wooded area are more fields and a play structure. So there were lots of locations to check out and move between.

family with baby portrait

baby girl in forest

Right after I grabbed this shot, little Hannah tipped right over sideways! She was totally fine, of course, but it was pretty funny and cute. There were no more tip-overs other than that; she was really steady for such a young baby!

Hillsboro Family Photography_0054

I love getting photos of each parent snuggling and smiling at their baby! Such beautiful moments that I hope all three of them will treasure for years.

baby legs in grass    Hillsboro Family Photography_0051Hillsboro Family Photography_0047

Hillsboro Family Photography_0006