Hotel-Monaco-Family-Photography_0001Since the weather was iffy, we decided to try a new (for me) indoor location. Becca, Cort, and Esther met downtown at the Hotel Monaco. They have this great, colorful lobby that’s open to the public. I loved the rich, bold colors and patterns! (Do you see the purple velvet couch??) Little Esther was a little unsure of being in a new place, but we followed her lead and she got more comfortable soon. There were blocks to play with, some coffee table books to peruse, Mama’s necklace to tug, and of course cuddles from mama and daddy were very helpful. 🙂 We got plenty of happy toddler to photograph!

Toddler playing with mother's necklace

They wanted a few of these photos for their New Year’s cards, which I think is fabulous. They hadn’t had any photos together in awhile, so I was so happy to capture some beautiful images of them. Aren’t they such a sweet family? And Esther’s teeny pigtails are so precious!

Smiling toddler girl portrait

Near the end of our session, something really fun happened: We moved to a different spot, and Esther spotted a sweet little doggy across the lobby and was making toddler eyes at him. And then the doggy’s human brought him over! They stood behind me and Esther was totally and completely enamored, and full of big beautiful smiles for these portraits! I need to hire a puppy wrangler as an assistant, I guess–no one could resist that! 🙂 Cute puppyHappy family portraitSmiling toddler and parents

This session was also a fundraiser for a local little girl who needs expensive surgery. I’ve donated in the past personally as well and I was happy to lend a bit more support to the very worthy cause. Check out the fundraiser here if you’d like to donate.

If you’re interested in a photo session with your family, even in dreary weather, contact me and let’s find a fun indoors location!