You may remember that in September, I held a contest on my Facebook page. Erin was the winner! It was perfect because not only did they need updated family portraits, but she was also newly and semi-secretly pregnant with their second child! So it’s been a doubly exciting time for this beautiful family, and our session got to capture both the fun of their lives together now, and the sweetness of expanding soon. Lots more amazing adventures to come for these wonderful people!

Beautiful fall family portrait

We had our session in the Hoyt Arboretum this October. The morning started off cool with some gorgeous light, but then it cleared to a sunny, warm day–you can’t beat the fall in Portland! The autumn foliage was late this year, but the evergreens are always gorgeous, and we did come across a few fiery maples too.

Smiling toddler

Little Nora was almost two, the same age as my twins. She had so much energy and interest, and just look how adorable she is! I had so much fun watching her look around and play. She loves snacks, and playing with rocks big and small, and saying “cheeseburger,” which sounds like “Chewbacca.” So cute.  And she is going to be a great big sister early next year. 🙂

Toddler and mother portrait

Family playing in the sun

Like most toddlers, she was in her element in the park–dashing back and forth between her parents, running along the trails, happy as a clam. How can you not be happy watching and capturing that? Oh, and don’t forget  her outfits! Too cute!

Cute toddler running

Fun family portrait in the parkHappy couple portraitAdorable toddler portrait

Happy family portrait in the park

Hoyt-Arboretum-Family-Photography_0016Toddler portrait

Just look at that face! So much personality–love it!

I had such a great time with this family. They are so sweet and have a great, happy energy.  They just celebrated Nora’s second birthday this month, and baby sister will be arriving in a few months! I am really excited for them all. 🙂

Do you also like running around in the park? (How could you not?) Contact me for your family session today!