So the same weekend of the “big” snowstorm, we had some freezing rain. I did not know what this was–I said to my husband, “Isn’t that just…snow?” Apparently not–it’s rain but it freezes and coats everything it touches. It was gorgeous but dangerous; the city sent out text alerts saying DON’T GO OUTSIDE. Well, I had to make some exceptions for myself so I could go take pictures! I anxiously waiting for my husband to get up so he could watch the babies, and then I bounced out to the yard with my camera. I kept hearing smashing-crashing noises, and thought neighborhood kids were throwing snowballs. Then I realized it was huge chunks of ice falling off the power lines and tree branches. Yikes! Fortunately, neither me nor my Nikon were impaled by any icicles on my short photo walk.

We got some ‘regular’ rain later in the day and the next, melting the ice and the snow, so that within three days there was no trace of anything. I have to say, that is *much* preferable to East Coast style everlasting dirt slush piles that last for weeks and weeks.

Everything! Totally coated in ice! Fascinating and so gorgeous! I’m all giddy again just looking at these.