In Our America Project

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I began this photo project as a small way to counter the negativity, hatred, intolerance, close-mindedness that has been swirling around this country. Some of that is coming from Capitol Hill, and some is coming from our fellow citizens.

Many of us are choosing to RESIST by being politically active, and by vocally objecting to that close-mindedness.

In the Portland area, these incredible flag signs, made by Nasty Women Get Shit Done, are available to make visible our love, welcoming, and acceptance, and to show that we want to create a sense of inclusive community.

Each of us is only one person. But when we work together in shared goals, amazing things happen. We’ve already started to see the effect on our politicians. What about a way to affect our peers?

The goal of this photo project is to create a giant mosaic of inclusion, love, welcoming, and acceptance. A huge collage of individuals who believe that everyone in this country is welcome and deserves full, equal rights.

One person holding this sign makes a statement. And fifty people, a hundred people, a thousand people holding this sign makes a movement.

The individual faces aren’t as visible, and the sign is repeated over and over. Drowning out the negativity and raising our collective voice that we are in this together, we will work and fight for everyone who needs it. A mosaic of inclusion, love and welcoming acceptance. WE are one, despite our individual differences.


NWGSDPDX was founded by Kirsten Hunter, Ali King and Susan Eisman. The mission statement is:
To support an era of activism, democracy and progressive politics in which we advocate for social, financial and environmental justice.Read more about the movement here!

The flag graphic:

“We based our “In Our America” graphic on a design that local artist Jason Maxfield created. We collaborated with graphic designer Sean Donnell to create the modified United States of America flag design. In doing so, we created a flag worthy of the definition of patriotism — “love for or devotion to one’s country.” Our flag includes and upholds the rights of all people, along with the preservation of our planet.

All profits from the sales will be donated to groups that support the values “In Our America.””

Get your own sign, poster, sticker, or download:

July 8, 2017:

I am so thrilled and excited that the sign project photos have surpassed TWO HUNDRED!!

My goal is 250 so that I can create an interactive gallery exhibit in the fall. I haven’t been able to spend much time on the project lately, but I hope to dedicate more time later this summer. The individual random meetups didn’t work very well, but group meetings are perfect. So if you have a business or a group of friends who would all like to do a sign photo (individually and together), please get in touch and we’ll schedule something.

Thank you to the members of the Mom-Owned-Businesses (MOB) group who have been so eager and enthusiastic to be part of this project. Learn more about the group and find tons of local businesses to support here!

Don’t forget to support and all the hard work they do! They held their first conference in May, and I stopped by at the end to take sign photos. I missed the content of the conference but I was totally psyched up by all the fantastic positive activist energy!

March 3, 2017: Ninety-five!

Thank you to the groups who’ve allowed me to stop by/ask for photos, and the three more strangers who’ve participated! We’re so close to 100, and I’m really excited. 🙂

February 22, 2017: Seventy-five!!

Thanks to the Whole Mama, Whole Child Team, and the members of my book club!

February 16, 2017: We are up to sixty photos already!!

I met one family and one stranger in SE Portland, and then attended a postcard party with some of the Nasty Women in NWGSDPDX.

February 12, 2017: I photographed one of my sons yesterday, and today added 23 more women (including two babies). The mosaic DOUBLED to 49! The effect is starting to be visible, and I can’t wait to get to 100.

Current Stats:
Total photos: 49
Adults: 44
Children: 5
Babes in arms: 3
Strangers: 1

Below: Bryna and Jessi of Doula My Soul

February 9, 2017: Two more meetings today–at our accountability group, and at OMSI. Two more children, AND our first stranger! The mosaic is now up to 25!

Below: Alicia and her two daughters, and Jessi and her daughter

February 7, 2017: Today there were two meetups. Six people met at the Beaverton library, including our first child! Later in the evening, I photographed folks at the MOB NW meet-up. The mosaic is quadrupled to 16!

Below: Four of the five board members of the MOB NW, an alliance of mom-owned businesses in the Portland/PNW area.

February 2, 2017:Today was the first day meeting with others to get this project going! Emily and Gwen met me at Sellwood Park, and later at home, I took my own terrible self portrait. Now I have the first mosaic!

Below: Gwen of Montoya Marketing, and her two children.

January 31, 2017: I had an idea for a photo project last week: I was planning to buy the flag sign and take a photo of myself with it to share on my business social media, to communicate that I welcome *all* clients. Then I had a flash of an idea–what if I took pictures of a whole bunch of people with the sign?

Today, I finally bought a sign at Rooks Barbershop on NE Glisan. I was nervous but I mentioned the project I wanted to share, and would she like to be the first photo? Allie readily agreed. And just like that, the project is officially launched!

Click here if you want a sign of your own!