Christine and Scott only moved here a few months ago from the Bay Area. So they’re still getting a feel for the city and exploring neighborhoods, restaurants, and other local spots. They live in the Pearl and have been especially enjoying all the local breweries. Yum. 🙂 This session was inspired by Portland itself and Portlandia, and meant to be a little tongue in cheek, so they’d have some fun and unique images for their Christmas cards–hence the plaid and the prop glasses, and of course the coordinating umbrella! I was particularly psyched to do this shoot.

On this particular Sunday, as I drove downtown toward Jamison Square, it started raining a little. It had been a dry weekend, so I kept hoped that the drizzle would fizzle out so that our session would go smoothly…but the rain did not let up. I thought, well, we’ll just go with it!  And the two of them were equally ready to embrace the rain; they were not fazed! Their sweet French bulldog, Demi (aptly named for her tiny size) was also such a good sport, posing so nicely in her holiday sweater. She even got in on the glasses fun–check her out on the bench below.


We did not at all let the rain stop us–we walked around, there was some puddle-jumping, there was some bench-standing, and I had a grand time. 🙂 We did stop in at one of the neighboring cafes to dry off and warm up. It actually started raining harder! But we headed back outside for more fun portraits. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you never know what the weather is going to do…so you just gotta roll with whatever happens. This was my first time photographing in the rain and really, it was such a fun little adventure. I’m totally ready for more. 🙂Jamison-Square-Couple-Photography_0001DSC_8710-1-S_WEB



How do you feel about the rain? Are you willing to do some splashing and dashing to get some great smiles for portraits? Let me know and let’s play in the puddles!