Maternity portrait standing in water

Jenny and Carl are native Portlanders and are enthusiasts of traveling and outdoor adventures–they like to go hiking, kayaking, road trips, and more. You know, the things that in theory I like to do…but never *actually* get around to. So I think it’s amazing that they do it regularly! Now that they’re waiting on a baby girl, their adventuring days are on hold for a little while. But they are already planning future nature outings with baby, which I love so much–she’s going to grow up with such a wonderful outdoor education!

I met Jenny earlier this year, through a local networking meeting. She’s an acupuncturist, and I was so fascinated listening to her describe what she does and everything she can help with. It was so clear that she is extremely knowledgeable and really passionate about her work. I haven’t had a reason to visit her for a treatment yet, but I definitely plan to! Check her out at Bridgetown Acupuncture.

So I was excited when she asked me to do a maternity session for her this summer! The session ended up different from the original vision…but it was still beautiful. We were supposed to meet early in the morning at the Smith & Bybee Wetlands, where they like to kayak and watch wildlife. Sadly, the park was inexplicably closed that morning. We also anticipated plenty of sunshine, since this has been such a warm summer. However, the sun mostly stayed hidden behind clouds for our session–which actually was nice, since it meant less sweating. 🙂 We ended up at the nearby Kelley Point Park to shoot instead, which is another fascinating spot. Carl played tour guide and told me all about it–it’s the point at which the Columbia and Willamette Rivers meet! There are lots of interesting things to see–beaches, wooded trails, a historical anchor monument, and the industrial ports in the distance.


I so love the images we got out of our session together. My favorite part (other than Jenny’s lovely dress) was the LOVE between Jenny and Carl. Every time they looked at each other, you could see them sort of melt at each other. You know? Just an incredible connection. It was beautiful.



Happy couple portrait

Beautiful pregnant portraitMaternity portrait in woods

Sign pointing to pregnant belly

We found this sign and it was too random not to use in a photo. “Baby Adventure This Way!”

Happy pregnant couple portraitBeautiful maternity portraitKelley-Point-Park-Maternity-Photography_0013Industrial Portland behind kissing couple

Maternity couple

Kelley-Point-Park-Maternity-Photography_0002Maternity portrait by tree

Thank you so much, Jenny and Carl! Congratulations and good luck–can’t wait to meet your sweet little baby girl!

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