This home family photography session really shows warmth, personality, and family bonding. Mara and Justin had just moved into a new house along with Mara’s parents, so they were still getting things put together, unpacking and adjusting. But there was clearly plenty of love already in the house. 🙂

Shoshana was 4 and Matan was almost 2. She is a happy, talkative, excitable little girl who eagerly showed off various toys from the toybox. Mati is a little quieter, and he completely adores his big sister. He follows her around and if she’s not nearby, he starts looking for her. She brought out a book, and he climbed up next to her to ‘read’ with her. Check out the watering can photos–you see him watching her carefully, and then he tries it himself. So cute!

This was a peaceful, laidback session capturing the family just hanging out at home. They played, tickled, and read inside, and then we went outside. The kids pointed out flowers and rocks, and helped out in the garden boxes, and practiced some dance moves on the grass. Adorableness all around. As always, we did a few posed photos with everyone together (and sure, the kids may not smile for those), but did lots of lifestyle candid photos. Details and moments like hugs and spins and favorite books and tiny toes. Those are the things I like photographing because it’s those everyday things that we forget about later as time goes on. I love being able to find tiny sweet vignettes to ‘save’ them forever. 🙂

It was truly a pleasure to spend a couple hours with this beautiful family. Thank you so much, Mara and Justin! 
Big sister tickles little brother Happy girl and motherFamily together in their homeKids playing with fatherLittle girl kisses motherLittle girl giggles Mom and young daughterBrother and sister reading togetherToddler boy with parentsFamily together on garden steps by Traveling Julie PhotographyToddler boykids playing in the garden by Traveling Julie Photography
Little boy playing in garden

kids running in the yard by Traveling Julie Photography
Little girl twirling in yardHome Family Photography_0022

–I’d love to spend a few hours with your family at your home! Get in touch and we’ll schedule a session just for you.