What a special session! The S family was gathering for the first time since before the pandemic. Laura and Chris’s children live on opposite sides of the country, and they’d had a baby. This was the first time for everyone to meet the new toddler and the first time the cousins all met! They hadn’t had a family portrait done in several years so it was a perfect time to commemorate the expanding family. I had so much fun getting to know these folks, and then seeing their large prints up in their house for them to enjoy every day was special too. Our session was at Mt. Tabor Park, which is a gorgeous forested park that has a little playground too. So after the formal photos, the kids got to go run and play!

You know this is my favorite family image from the bunch! I love these adorable ‘outtakes’ that get to show a bit of real life. 🙂

extended family portrait in the woods with a crying baby

smiling photograph of extended family at Mt Tabor Park------

grandparents with their grandchildren

parents and adult children-

smiling couple-

kids running laughing with family watching

toddler girl running to her dad----------

smiling siblings in a park——–