Ginger and Brian’s family stays very busy, juggling schedules of both a toddler and a teenager! (Oh, and they were also in the midst of remodeling their basement.)  Elianne is almost 2 and Spencer is 16. The two are great together and it’s clear that they really love each other. It’s not too often that you see a big sibling age spread like that, but it’s such a special relationship. I was glad that I got to capture them having fun together.

I met this beautiful family at Irving Park in NE Portland for our family mini-session. (The mini-session was a silent auction prize from the PDX Diaper Bank Fundraiser this spring–they do such important work in our community, and I love helping support them.)  The park was full of late summer sunshine and greenery, and we stayed nice and cool in the plentiful shade. Among other things at the park, there’s a nice little playground, and once Elianne saw it, she wanted to go play and stay there. I couldn’t blame her. 🙂 Plus, that means that I got capture her as she went high on the swing, and whooshed down the slide, and giggled on the see-saw. Happily, we got a few ‘standard’ family photos in before she spotted the fun stuff.

By the way, Elianne has the cutest running-prance that I have ever seen. It’s almost like tiptoeing in fast forward, and it’s so adorable that I about died from the cuteness every time she flitted to a new spot on the playground. (Sadly there was no way to capture that with a still image.)

Family portrait in Irving ParkDad and daughter portrait

Mom and daughter portrait

Smiling toddler on swing


Brother sister on the slideadorable toddler girl on slideMom and toddler on slide

Teen boy portrait

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wonderful family together, Ginger and Brian!

If you have kids of any age and would like to do a session together at your favorite place to run around, let’s talk!