A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing an adorable family on Roosevelt Island. Julian is six months old, and full of joy! Look at him–he had just woken from a nap with nary a peep, and  within a minute was smiling all over the place!

Mother and baby candid portrait

Parent baby candid portraitParents J and D have a side book business, so we made sure to pose him carefully with a big pile of books. (Don’t you love those chubby hands and arms??)

baby with stack of books

Happy baby portrait

Seriously happy baby!

Laughing baby portrait

All three of them are a really sweet family.

Parents and baby candid portrait

Parents kissing baby

They live on Roosevelt Island, and their building has a beautiful roof deck with an amazing view of Manhattan.

Rooftop family portraitRooftop family portrait


Baby with parents in background

Mother and baby together

baby portrait

Mother and baby laughing

Don’t you just love them!

Candid happy family portrait