Britney and her family visit the Portland area at least once a year. They live in New York but her husband’s family lives here, his parents and his brother and family. Their visit this spring was especially busy, since there were several events like graduations and birthdays to celebrate. So it must have been tough to schedule everyone for yet another thing, but I think everyone understood how meaningful it is to have photographs taken with everyone together. This Northwest Portland Extended Family Photography session was a lot of fun because all of these people were just lovely! You can tell they truly enjoyed spending time together on this beautiful day.

We began our session with a few quick photos at John & Holly’s house, in their gorgeous back garden. Little Isis, almost three, wore the yellow dress that her grandma wore at 3! What a special photo memory to create. Holly has a photo of her in the dress, and hopefully in thirty or fifty years, Isis can show her daughter or granddaughter both photos together and be reminded of her family history.

From there, we all traveled to a little park that featured a small lake, a tree-lined pathway and several wooden bridges and walkways. We walked around a bit and stopped to play in a shady spot. There was ring-around-the-rosy, and tickles, and tossing in the air. Little Lio kept wandering away to explore, and his parents Michael and Jenna would chase after him. Quincy, Isis’s baby brother, was only four months old, and so sweet and easy-going. Isis was full of energy and zeal, running and jumping and having a fabulous time. I love the shot of her holding hands with her dad and grandpa, and the unbridled glee while playing with her mom and dad. (Aren’t toddlers the best?)

Seriously, what a wonderful afternoon it was! All these photos really make me smile–I’m so honored to have captured this extended family together. Lots of hugs and happy faces. Thank you so much, Britney and family!

Northwest Portland Extended Family Photography_0022Northwest Portland Extended Family Photography_0023little girl holding hands with familymom and babydad with babysweet little girl with flowerparents with babyNorthwest Portland Extended Family Photography_0024Northwest Portland Extended Family Photography_0025

father with babyNorthwest Portland Extended Family Photography_0001Family playing ring around the rosyNorthwest Portland Extended Family Photography_0003mother playing with daughtermom playing with daughterdad playing with daughterNorthwest Portland Extended Family Photography_0009