Northwest Portland Family Photography at homePhotographing Alayna and Sacha and their three children was such a fun and warm experience! Warm literally, because it was the hottest day of the year…but also figuratively, because all of them were just lovely to be around. Our original plan was to split this Northwest Portland family photography session between their home and their local favorite park, but obviously the weather kept us inside. Thank goodness for air-conditioning!

And I mean, look at these kids. How could a session with these faces be anything *but* a great time?!Northwest Portland Family Photography Three children portrait personality

We did some posed portraits and then let the kids play around the house. Each child has their favorite things and activities. Mateo, 9, loves his books and maps, so we did a photo in his room surrounded by those favorites. He also loves Legos plus Star Wars, and he had built an impressive set of Star Wars Legos in the family room, so we captured that, plus his brand-new Star Wars costume!Portraits of 9 year old boy at home

Natalia, 7, loves her kitties; she carries them around like babies and even in a stroller! (Sadly I didn’t get to see the stroller for myself) I photographed them in her room, which was filled with light and books and pictures. She also plays the piano, so I was able to get some really sweet photos of her playing.

Portrait of 7 year old girl at homeAnd Rosa, 5, is FULL of goofy energy. She loves jumping. LOVES it. There are two couches that face each other in the front room, and she just leaps between them for as long as she can. Like, she does this every day. Impressive stamina!Northwest Family Photography outdoor portrait

Little girl jumping on the couchWe did go outside, very briefly, for a change of scenery. Of course we did a couple photos of just Sacha & Alayna! So many parents don’t get nice photos of themselves after kids come along, have you noticed? We did stay in the shade, and went back in quickly to drink some water and cool down.Happy couple outdoors

Thank you so much for the wonderful time, L family! What a pleasure to get to know all of you!Siblings being silly

No matter the weather, we can have a great time together and create fun, authentic photos of your family. Contact me to book your session today!