A family client reached out a few months after our session about an old photo. Chris had one print that he wanted to get restored and prints made. It was a special print that he wanted more of his family members to have.

The print was only about two inches square! It was date-printed February 1966 so it was in black and white. It was a little faded, of course.

My first step was getting a good scan:

Then I got to work in Photoshop! First I cleaned up the spots. Then I worked on color and contrast, as well as sharpening, because it was a little soft.

Obviously we were keeping the photo in black and white so we didn’t need to worry about creating or matching colors.

Here’s the final result:

I was able to get lovely prints in 5×5 and 8×8 for Chris to share with his family!

What a lovely, fun project. If you have any old prints that you’d like to make sure live on, please get in touch!