Portland Family Photography: Sweet Tiny Twins!

I’ve photographed several hundred newborns in hospitals, and so now I hope to make the natural transition to doing lifestyle baby photo sessions in the home.

Please meet Brooklyn and Dakota, sweet little 6 week old twin girls. The family is part of the same twins club I belong to here in the Portland area. I photographed them at home in Lake Oswego. We were in the living room, where we had the most light and space.

The girls are fraternal, which is pretty obvious when you look at them for a few moments. Aren’t they adorable?? My own twins are so big now, and I loved getting to see and hold such tiny babies again. It is always so fun to see the little personalities and preferences already emerging from such tiny people. You can see that one of the girls was not very happy about being woken up! But they were both so happy and calm to be held and snuggled by their mama and daddy.

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