Oh, what a fun session this was! I think you’ll agree that this family is beautiful.

Melissa was about to head back to work after her maternity leave, and realized that she wanted photos of their second baby, Lauren. They’d had newborn photos done with their son, and wanted some similar photos of their new daughter. Lauren was 2 1/2 months old for our session, and as you can see, she is gorgeous. Plenty of silky brown hair, and look at those big blue eyes!


Since most of the babies I see are brand-new, it was a treat to see a slightly-older baby. We did some similar photos as a regular newborn session (like close-ups of her fingers and toes), but there were some distinct differences. First, she was really awake and aware, connecting with and smiling at everyone around her. This photo of Melissa and Lauren smiling at each other just melts my heart–this is the priceless kind of photo that I wish I had with my own babies.

Mother and baby smiling at each other

Second, she’d had time to plump up. Newborn babies don’t have much fat on them yet, obviously, but by 10 weeks, Lauren had some beautiful arm and leg rolls. I love baby rolls!

Baby close up photo of fingers and toes

Lauren’s older brother Kelly was also a blast to photograph–he was about a year and a half, and I do love toddlers. He was kind of shy at first, but we got some great pictures of Kelly with his dad, playing and laughing, and then later on we brought out the bubbles. No one can resist bubbles!

Dad and son candid photo

Laughing toddler boy

This is one of my favorite mama-baby photographs. Beautiful mother and baby portrait

Parents gazing at babyMother cradling baby

See? Look how lovely this family is! Adorable family photo

As a little bonus, at the end of our session, I got a few photos of dad Chad playing with their sweet doggy. She’s been his pup for a long time and is getting on in years, so I was really glad that we got some nice photos of them together. I’m always happy to include the furry ‘kids’ in a family photo session!

Man and his dog

Thank you so much, Melissa and Chad! What a wonderful family you have!

If you’d like family photos with your baby at any age, I would be thrilled to work with you! Give me a call and we’ll schedule a session tailor-made for you!