Portland Infant Photography_0011

I dare you not to reach through the screen and pinch little Robbie’s cheeks! Goodness, isn’t he just the cutest?

Portland Infant Photography_0003

I met Beth and Jon at Wallace Park in Northwest Portland for Robbie’s six-month photo session. Their two dogs joined us for a few shots at the beginning–naturally, being at an active park with a dog area, they were pretty distracted. 🙂 Still worth it, though, to include all the ‘children’ of the family!

Portland Infant Photography_0013

Everyone knows that newborn photos are really important and precious, and one-year photos are a fun milestone shoot. But sometimes people forget about the ages in the middle! Six months is a really fun age for a photo shoot, because babies that age are so alert and have so much personality. They laugh and giggle and love getting tossed up in the air. They can sort of stand, with lots of assistance, but they can’t crawl away yet. Sometimes they can sit up, too, which allows for a whole new world of poses! Little Robbie wasn’t quite sitting up yet for our session, but it was okay; we got tons of photos of his adorable self. Portland Infant Photography_0004

This is how he gives kisses. Don’t you love this photo? Mama looks gorgeous and this moment is just so genuine and funny and it truly makes me smile every time I see it. Are you smiling too right now? Portland Infant Photography_0001

By the way, I loved the outfits this family put together–Beth’s statement necklace is really beautiful, and everyone’s wearing shades of blue, which coordinate very well, and the contrasting red in Jon’s shirt is a fun pop of color. (Oh, and if you have kids, big tip–get one of these picnic blankets. Not only are they cute, they fold up into a little satchel, and they are machine-washable.)

Portland Infant Photography_0015   CUTE CUTE. Such a bright-eyed and happy little boy! I loved seeing him smile and coo. (Aren’t babies the best?!)Portland Infant Photography_0012 Portland Infant Photography_0005 Portland Infant Photography_0006 Portland Infant Photography_0007 Portland Infant Photography_0010I had so much fun with this adorable family! Thank you, Beth, Jon and Robbie!

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