Sleeping newborn portrait

Look at the sweet snuggly baby! This at-home newborn session was so special–it was the second time I had the privilege of photographing this family. We did a fall session when there were still only three family members–remember the adorable and energetic Nora? Well, now Nora is a big sister to little Avery! It’s truly been an honor to be able to witness this family grow–I love all of them. 🙂

Big sister kissing baby

It’s been a big adjustment for the whole family, of course, but they’re settling in nicely. Nora is about two and a half, so it was understandably tough for her to understand all the changes, but her parents report that she’s really gentle and loving with Avery. I know that Nora can’t wait until she’s big enough to play!

Avery is tiny and so sweet. She kept her fist up by her face a lot before she was born, so we loved that she still kept doing that pose on the ‘outside’ so we could capture it. 🙂 Newborn yawnPeaceful newborn baby portraitCloseup newborn portrait

Avery obligingly slumbered for the first part of our session (due to daddy Bryan being an expert swaddler), and then after she woke up, she was so alert and aware! Here she’s already looking out the windows to explore the outside world. I love this pensive photo of her. 🙂 Pensive newborn portraitMother and new baby Dad snuggling newborn baby

They had taken a photo like this when Nora was a newborn, so Erin was super excited to re-create it with Avery and Nora. We had to interrupt Nora from playing with her trucks and snacks, so she is a little serious here. 🙂 Dad with two daughters portrait

Erin’s been such a trooper–she had been having a difficult end to her pregnancy, so I think it was extra tough to have a newborn and a very active toddler. I was glad that it was so laid-back to do the newborn session right at home so she could take it easy. She’s a great mama, and Bryan is a wonderful daddy–Nora and Avery are lucky little ladies! Mom snuggling newborn baby

Thank you so much, Erin & Bryan! What a pleasure to get to spend more time with your beautiful family and congratulations on your newest addition!

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