Christy was looking for some new headshots. We’d done some studio headshots recently–with a plain white background. She decided that she wanted something a little more colorful! So we headed to Portland’s Alberta District, which is full of murals. So much color! I loved looking at all the different designs. Flowers, animals, geometric shapes, all kinds of fabulous art. It’s like a new treasure around every corner!

Your headshot portrait can say a lot about you–not just what you look like, but the environment that you’re in. Different industries and different personalities, even different ages–all of them can call for different headshot photo locations. A plain white background is great for corporate looks. Any other indoor/studio portraits are on the more formal side. Going outside for your headshots says that you and your work are a little more free, or informal. Using nature versus walls even tells a different story.

So having bold, colorful murals as your headshot background? That really says a lot about how you want to be represented. You’re not boxed in to any one thing, you aren’t working in an office–you’re creative, artistic, open, friendly.

Headshots of all kinds still convey professionalism. The great thing is that there are endless kinds of professionals, so there are endless possibilities to create fabulous headshots!

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