Two visions came to life last summer! Remember that dreamy nature maternity photography session with Kaitlyn? Well, when I did the model call, there were so many great responses that I decided to do two sessions, and selected Ali as the second model for my theme.

I wanted to keep the nature inspiration, and the water aspect, but with a different look and location. What a perfect chance to explore new places in our gorgeous area! I thought somewhere in the Gorge by a waterfall might be perfect–a lush, green feel compared to the more rugged Elk Rock Island. So then it was a matter of narrowing down which waterfall–there are so many near Portland!

Since I had only been to Multnomah Falls and Bridal Veil , I had to find a new place. (Oh darn.) A few weeks before our shoot, my husband and I visited Wahclella Falls for a hike and a scout. The meandering stream was perfect–out of the hot sun, full of rocks to hop on, backed by greenery. The hike up to the falls was a bit steep, but you can walk right to the pool at the base of the falls. Seeing all the scenery and imagining the session may have had me literally clapping with delight.

Pregnant portrait in streamSpoiler alert, the session did not disappoint! Ali was 8+ months pregnant with her second baby girl and looked gorgeous and serene–like a river goddess.  (She’s also very crafty–she made the maternity gown and flower crown! She runs an etsy shop from home for her sewing creations.)

She was so happy and excited to be doing this session (as was I!) and totally up for being active.  We got partway up the trail toward the falls and decided to turn back, as it was getting to be too steep for her. (I wouldn’t have made it that far myself when I was that far pregnant!) So we stayed around a few places in and around the stream. She was completely open to everything I asked, like balancing on boulders, and getting into the very frigid water. And since she was a childhood model, she felt comfortable in front of the camera. Later she said that she really felt beautiful, too, which made me happy.

Oh goodness, I love all the images we created! Take a look and let me know your favorite. 🙂 If you are a nature lover, and would love to celebrate your inner water deity, let’s create a special water maternity session just for you!

Portland-Nature-Maternity-Photography_0002Portland-Nature-Maternity-Photography_0004Beautiful water maternity portraitPortland-Nature-Maternity-Photography_0006Maternity portrait with flower crownPortland-Nature-Maternity-Photography_0008Portland-Nature-Maternity-Photography_0009Natural maternity portraitPortland-Nature-Maternity-Photography_0011