I met Polly when I put out the call for the spring blossom maternity session. Instead of another outdoor nature session, I decided to try something completely different. So I wanted to create a classically simple and beautiful Portland studio maternity photography session. Polly was totally agreeable and was just lovely to work with. She and her new husband just got married last summer and moved here to Portland late last year. (She’s from England but they had lived here in Portland in the past.) She was just finishing up her work before preparing for baby–she’s a Montessori teacher and dogwalker, so both of those are pretty strenuous for an expecting mother! She was finally ready to rest.

If you can believe it, Polly was 39 weeks pregnant for our shoot! She was just radiant and gorgeous and looked amazing. (I was a puffy and awkward, lumbering mess by 34 weeks, but Polly had none of that!) She wasn’t too sure about her body, but I think these photos helped her see how beautiful she was and how special this time was while waiting for their first child. (Their sweet daughter Nora was born a week after our session! I got to see her and she was so perfect and beautiful.)

For this session, I kept things very simple. I brought the ivory maternity gown, another sheer ivory overdress, and some formfitting black pieces. The backdrops were classic: some dark and some light. I loved playing with the lights in the studio to create the different looks in my mind. The blown-out backlight was especially fun. Polly was okay with trying some tasteful maternity nude portraits, and I think she was happily surprised about how beautifully they turned out. This first image is the pose made famous by Demi Moore on the Vogue magazine cover, and Polly nailed it!

I love it when sessions come together like this: a vision, a space, a subject…and then the photographs are extra special and gorgeous.studio maternity portraitclassic ivory maternity gown studio maternity photography session

Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0001 Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0004Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0040  Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0043 Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0013backlit studio maternity portrait

Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0057Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0056 Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0053Portland Studio Maternity Photography_0055I would be honored to photograph you in the studio! Contact me today to book your maternity session.