Meet Adalynn! She’s one and a half, and she loves to explore. Recently we did a short session at Westmoreland Park, where her parents and I roamed around after her as she wandered the park. Our session focused just on her, since they had done a family session for her one-year birthday. I love doing ‘in-between’ shoots and focusing on just the kiddos as much as a full family session!

Toddler girl smiling

Toddler girl portrait at Westmoreland Park

From this adorable little bridge, Adalynn loved watching the ducks and geese float and bob along the little stream underneath. Then, we moved to the larger pond behind the bridge, which was more open for space to walk around and look at even more waterfowl. She kept walking close to the edge, which had all us grown-ups on edge too. 🙂  Toddler girl playing on a park bridge

Amanda-12_WEBThe thing about toddlers (even more than older kids) is that they don’t ‘pose.’ They rarely stop moving at all, in fact. (Obviously, this is not news to anyone who has spent more than ninety seconds with a toddler!)

So the key to photographing toddlers is threefold: 1: a high shutter speed to catch them in motion (this also requires plenty of light); 2: interacting with them directly to get looks and smiles toward the camera; and 3: just keeping the camera on them as they move around. All three of those strategies will help you be ready to catch cute and funny moments from little ones.

Additional strategies may include showing noisy toys or letting them chase after bubbles! Lens choice can make a difference too: a longer lens (85mm or more) will allow you to stay farther back and capture their explorations, while a shorter focal length (50mm and under) is helpful when you’re physically close to the child (see above).

Toddlers are just bursting with energy and personality, and they’re one of my favorite age groups to photograph! Thanks Amanda for the fun session with Adalynn!

If you have a fast-moving toddler, I would absolutely love to chase after them and get some beautiful photos! Get in touch and let’s schedule a session soon!