I had the pleasure of spending a summer morning at the Heart in Hand preschool in the Alberta neighborhood of NE Portland. It was charming and delightful, and I left thinking how lucky these children are to spend time here! Yvonne is an amazing educator and presence: so incredibly warm and friendly and patient. She guides her students gently and with love, and the little ones just seem like they blossom. The physical space is wonderful too; there’s a garden that the children help out with, a nice open indoor space with Waldorf-style wooden toys, and an outdoor play area with lots of fun spaces. The day I was there was bread making day: everyone helps make bread and then it gets baked, and the group gets to eat it! They also did painting and folding, and sang little songs while eating snack. Like I said, completely charming and delightful.

wooden preschool gate
Waldorf preschool children garden
Waldorf furniture wooden toys
preschool leather shoes
Waldorf preschool art
waldorf preschool bread dough hands
Waldorf preschool class making bread
Waldorf teacher bread
Waldorf preschool teacher
Waldorf preschool folding
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Waldorf preschool outdoor climbing play structure
preschool playground rope
waldorf preschool wooden clogs shoes