When I see you for the ordering session, I’ll bring an assortment of samples with me, so that you can see and touch the different products. My packages include many of these items, and some are add-ons.


I’m going to break this into two posts so it doesn’t get overwhelming. 🙂 Part 2 is here.

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First of all, my packages all include three types of products: Gift prints, digital images, and a mobile gallery app. So let’s make sure to define those first.

Gift prints (#5 above) are prints any size 8×12 and below. 8×10 is a popular print size, but 8×12 is the native aspect ratio (so, to create an 8×10, there will be bits cropped off the edges). These prints are perfect for sending to family, or for your office or desk.

After you select your gift prints, the images are individually retouched (not heavily–no one wants that alien look!) and perfected, and then professionally printed, mounted on matboard, and coated with an extra layer of lustre texture to add durability.

You’ll receive a custom USB (not pictured) with your digital images. There will be full-size, high-resolution images for printing, and there will be smaller images sized perfectly for Facebook and social sharing on the web. You’ll also have a print release.

Also not pictured above, the mobile gallery app. This is small app that you install on your phone homescreen. (And it doesn’t use data, so it’s very little storage space.) It works for iPhones, iPads, and Android smart phones. The app contains the same digital images that you ordered, sized just right for your phone. After you install it, you open the app and see all the images (below). Then you can double tap and scroll through each image individually. This is an easy and beautiful way to keep your photos with you all the time, and show them on the go, anywhere! Plus, you can share the install link with family and friends.


The Storyboard (#4) is a unique product: it’s a 10×20 print that is made with three 5×7 images. It’s great to show a series of images and an easy, beautiful way to display several photos together.


The Album (#6) is my newest offering, and I’m really excited about it! The base size is 6″x6″ with 5 spreads (or 10 sides). Covers can combine a photo+a material, or just a material. The album is a wonderful keepsake that your family will love looking at for years. (Albums can be upgraded to 10×10, and more spreads can be added.)



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