Continuing from Part 1, here are more fun ways to enjoy the beautiful images from your photo session!

First up, wall art! My top package includes credit for wall art. This can go toward one of the collections or it could cover one single product (like a 18″x24″ canvas wrap). Wall art includes canvases, image blocks, and large prints. Sizes can range from small (8″x8″) to very large (30″x40″).

Canvas Gallery Wraps (#3) are photographs printed onto canvas and stretched around a wooden frame (the image extends around the edges; that’s where the ‘wrap’ comes from). The texture of the canvas comes through the photo, and they do not need a frame, and can be hung immediately.



Image Blocks (#2) are lustre prints that are mounted on a smooth wooden back and comes ready to hang and needs no additional frame. Again, the image wraps around the edges as you see here. There is no texture on these products. Samples_0010


The 11×14 Collage (#1) is a fun print for a baby/child’s room. It includes five photos in both vertical and horizontal orientation, with an optional name/date circle in the center.

Samples_0029Mini Accordion Books (#7) are a really fun add-on. They are pocket-sized, double-sided photo books. They include about 12 images, and they come in sets of three, so they’re a fantastic gift option for extended family, especially around holidays or birthdays. The covers have a small magnet inside them, so they stay closed, and they come in different colors and materials, plus a little slipcover.


Custom Christmas Ornaments (#8) are really fun for celebrating another year on your Christmas tree! They are 2″ cubes. Four sides are open to add photos, with a fifth for a holiday message.


Image Cubes (not pictured above) look similar but they are 4″ cubes (shown here in my hand for size reference) and they don’t have a pattern, it’s just six spots for photos! Great for your desk at work, or for grandparents.

Image cube featuring Portland family photography


Fabric Wall Clings are a brand new offering. They’re just what they sound like–the photos are printed onto fabric that you can peel and stick onto your wall! These come in different shapes and sizes (this is a set of four 12″ circles), and they are re-usable!



What kind of prints do you already have in your home? What is your favorite option to try next?