Oh my goodness, this is such a cute session–I’m excited to share it!

Meet little Miles. He’s six months old, and he is a happy, ADORABLE baby with big blue eyes! I had such a great time photographing him. Aren’t babies awesome? 🙂  Stefanie and Michael are pretty adorable themselves. They both work in the sciences and they also love playing unique board games (must remember to get their recommendations!). They are also doting parents so happy with their little man.  This whole family is really sweet. And I love the rich colors they chose to wear–it’s a great contrast to the scenery. And that newsboy hat, and the fox sweater – too stinking precious!Family portrait with infant

These were their first official portraits as a family! So of course, I was extra excited and honored to capture the three of them together. I love that you can really feel how much love these people have for each other.

The first few months with a new baby can be a bit grueling as everyone adjusts, but soon enough things slowly start getting a little easier. Six months is a great time to have family photos taken, because baby is full of smiles and laughter, and mom and dad are a little less shell-shocked than the newborn days. It’s a joyous time! And then later on, looking back, you only see the smiles and happiness, and all the hard stuff fades away. 🙂

Smiling baby

Our session was at Reed College in Southeast Portland. It’s a gorgeous campus with all kinds of interesting scenery (including a creek!), and there was some fantastic fall foliage going on when we were there–tons of orange and golden maple leaves blanketing the ground. I loved getting those beautiful colors in our photos! Though with big smiles like this, the background colors definitely take a backseat.

smiling baby and father happy baby mothercute infant in hatadorable baby portraitfamily snuggling portraithappy family portraitinfant and fathercute infant portraitinfant and mother

Thank you so much, Stefanie and Michael and Miles! I had so much fun with you all!

Contact me if you’re ready for your first family portraits with a new baby! I love babies!