The first thing Cedar said when he saw me was, “No.” And gave me this face. Heh. Mt Tabor Family Photography_0001He continued to say mostly, “No” for awhile. He was two, and as I’ve said many times before, you can never predict or control what toddlers do! But that’s what makes them fun. 🙂 I thought it was hilarious, and kept shooting. Just because he wasn’t interested in my camera didn’t mean there weren’t plenty of great moments to capture! As the session went on, he talked about other things, like “Ball!” while he was chasing a basketball, and “Water!” when he saw the reservoir, and “Truck!” when they brought his favorite yellow toy out of the stroller, and “Yes!” when his parents asked if he wanted a snack.

This was Sarah & Ben’s first family photo shoot, and just time too, because their second child was due about a month later. What a great time to celebrate with photos of their life right now. We wandered around Mt Tabor on a day that thankfully saved the rain for after our session. Cedar ran and explored and used up a ton of energy; I heard he had a most excellent nap later on! (That’s a seldom-discussed bonus of family sessions with toddlers). There’s so much to see at that park–stairs, woods, tennis courts, trails, the reservoirs, and the city views. I just followed them around and grabbed shots of them playing and being together. I did end up getting some great smiles out of Cedar, too!

This laid-back Mt Tabor Family Photography session was a ton of fun. Thanks, Sarah and Ben, and congratulations on your new baby girl born in January!

Do you have any family transitions that you’d like to celebrate with photography? Contact me and we’ll create a special session for your family!

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