This was such a lovely day. Sarah and Michael have been together for four years and made it official with a sweet courthouse wedding day. They didn’t feel the need for a full wedding to-do, but that doesn’t mean the day wasn’t filled with love!

It was a beautiful Friday evening at the Multnomah County Courthouse. The judge was a friend of a friend, in a happy twist of fate. In attendance were their friends Susan and Paul, and Sarah’s son Noah. He was nine years old, and loves reading and their cat Isabella (she has her own hilarious and adorable Instagram account!). He was pretty quiet the first time we met, but at the wedding he was full of fun energy. (The judge let Noah sit in his chair and bang the gavel at the end of the ceremony!) Sarah is so friendly and warm. Michael is funny and comes off as a little stoic sometimes, but he got a little choked up at the end of the ceremony…which made me a little choked up too.  I loved seeing these two look at each other during their ceremony–again, beaming with love. It just warmed my heart and it was such an honor to be present for this special day.

After the ceremony, we all went to the Rose Garden for some photos. It was a bright, warm evening, perfect for strolling and enjoying the fragrant blooms, which also made for a beautiful backdrop. Noah was hilarious to watch, literally jumping up and down and all over the place. (And check out that face in his portrait–it cracks me up!) Little boys sure do have boundless energy! He was so sweet posing with both his mom and Michael though, and seeing the three of them holding hands together was just precious.

This family is a fun and warm group of people, and it really has been a privilege to get to know them. Congratulations, Sarah and Michael!!

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